Floral Care Before The Wedding

Flower care is essential for your flowers to stay in good condition. Here are some tips that will help your flowers make it through a long day.

Tip: If you know that you want to have your flowers preserved let your florist know. If they have any questions they can always call us.

Hand-Tied Bouquets


Cascade bouquets have a water source. It is in the oasis holder. It is great for the flowers that have their own stems.

Tip: When you get to the reception site, let someone take your bouquet and put some water in the holder; Not on the flowers they will change colors.

Cascade Boquets

Gorgeous Bouquet

Tip: Let your florist know that you will need a vase with water to put your bouquet in at the reception. Just place the stems in the vase. If your bouquet has a ribbon, it is okay to get it wet (we can clean it). A few florists will use an oasis holder with the stems sticking out of the bottom; if this is your bouquet, follow directions for cascade bouquets.

Floral Care After The Wedding


IMPORTANT: Do not freeze the bouquet. Do not place in refrigerator area that freezes lettuce. Do not spray with water. Do not put the bouquet in the sun.

Flowers will bruise if crushed.

We can trim the edges—this is normal. Stephanotis has no stem and will dry; we can re–hydrate (if it is not crisp) or replace it. 

Simply place the boutonniere in a zip lock bag after the wedding reception. If it is too late, we can redesign it. Make sure to set up a time for the bouquet to get dropped off the day after the wedding, or arrange for shipping the first business day after the event.

Have a wonderful day and do not worry about anything. We will expect your flowers the next available shipping day after your wedding. This might be something that you want to delegate to someone else.